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Archery Strategy Consulting and Avascent announce Global Partnership

Leading Independent Management Consultancies Combine Forces to Serve Clients Around the World
1 Oct 2017 9 minutes
Archery Strategy Consulting, one of Europe’s premier independent management consulting firms positioned in Aerospace-Defense-Security, Transportation-Logistics and Energy announced that it has forged a global partnership with Avascent, a leading independent strategy, management and analytics firm serving clients in government-driven sectors. The partnership brings together two well-respected consultancies to address pressing strategic, organizational and high stakes operational issues in today’s highly complex and increasingly interconnected marketplaces. 

The partnership is motivated by two driving factors:
First, CEOs recognize that strengthening the links between well-conceived, fact-based strategies and effective execution is more important than ever. Strategic positioning and development of innovative solutions to win major projects is not enough if companies are not able to pivot quickly to standing those projects up smoothly and executing effectively. “In a world where clients’ expectations, competitive landscapes and technologies are evolving incredibly fast, leadership must pay ever greater attention to accurate strategic positioning, well designed Business Models and effective execution of critical operations,” commented Stéphane Albernhe, President of Archery Strategy Consulting. “Through our partnership with Avascent, we can accompany our clients all along a projects life cycle, from growth strategy to profitable delivery, including business capture, project management and complex operations.”

Second, the high stakes, project-driven industries of (i) Aerospace, Defense & Security, (ii) Transportation & Logistics and (iii) Energy are becoming increasingly global in nature with multiple centers of both demand and innovation, requiring companies to rethink their strategies and footprint to increase their competitiveness. “While protectionist forces may grab headlines, the proliferation of technology combined with shifts in demand around the world in both commercial and defense markets dictates that companies explore strategies that go beyond the export-oriented approaches of the past,” commented Steve Irwin, President of Avascent. “Our partnership with Archery Strategy Consulting enables us to better serve clients as they wrestle with these issues by infusing our work with fresh perspectives and insight from one of Europe’s leading management consulting firms.”

In the context of this global partnership, and in order to provide higher value services to large industrial groups, mid-cap companies, institutional bodies and Private Equity funds, the two firms have decided to combine their expertises to address more specifically 4 topics:
- End-to-end Business Capture. How to position ahead of RFI/ RFP by structuring relevant product policies, leveraging differentiating capabilities, targeting the right opportunities and implementing innovative methodologies to package superior offers
- Price To Win. How to set the right price, considering clients’ budgets and competitors’ positioning understanding, Should Cost Modeling, and the right mix between commercial and Design-to-Cost levers
- Project Management. How to increase performance, maturity and robustness of practices, so as to meet client expectations and maximize Margin At Completion
- Value driven collaborative models. How to adopt a collaborative approach to reinvent Business Models and achieve mutual success with global partners With combined staff of over 150 professionals and offices in France, UK, US and Canada, the two consulting firms bring together world class capabilities and proprietary insights to address clients’ most pressing issues.
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About Archery Strategy Consulting
Founded in 2013, Archery Strategy Consulting is an independent management consulting firm focused on 3 sectors: Aerospace-Defence-Security, Transportation-Logistics, and Energy. Archery Strategy Consulting addresses a wide range of high stakes topics: growth and value chain positioning strategy, M&A, organization and process efficiency, competitiveness and differentiation. Archery Strategy Consulting, with now 35 employees, has delivered 115 projects for 38 clients since its creation, in Europe and North America.
About Avascent
Avascent is the leading independent strategy consulting and analytics firm serving clients operating in government-driven markets. Working with corporate leaders and financial investors, Avascent delivers sophisticated, fact-based solutions in the areas of strategic growth, value capture, and mergers and acquisitions support. With deep sector expertise, analytically rigorous consulting methodologies, and a uniquely flexible service model, Avascent provides clients with the insights and advice they need to succeed in dynamic customer environments.
Leading Independent Management Consultancies Combine Forces to Serve Clients Around the World

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